Brass Day is fast approaching


Anastasia Williams

REASONS TO DO BRASS DAY, written by Mr. Knell, to convince high school brass students to do Brass Day.

Anastasia Williams, Staff Writer

Annual Bethel Park Brass Day will take place on Monday, Dec. 10.

Students at Neil Armstrong Middle School (NAMS) who play a brass instrument in the band come to BPHS via school bus after school that day.

They gather with the brass players who attend BPHS and IMS and play some Christmas tunes,┬áincluding “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”; “Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful”; “Ruldoph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”; and so much more! They rehearse for a couple of hours and then have some dinner together. The dinner consists of pizza and orange juice or chocolate milk.

After dinner, high school, IMS, and NAMS students hop on a bus and ride across the street to the Bethel Park Retirement Home.

There, they play some tunes for the residents to spread some holiday cheer.

When asked why did you do Brass Day, freshman Sarah Gilliland said, “Because I’ve done it before and it is so much fun.”

With the night coming to an end, everyone is filled with Christmas cheer and ready for the holidays to arrive.

Brass Day starts at 7 p.m. The retirement home is located on 2960 Bethel Church Rd., Bethel Park, PA 15102. Admission is free.

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