NHS inducts 96 new members


Photo credit: Mrs. Mullen

Cami Morgan, Juliana Carbone, Mallory Locke, and Lauren Mullen are all smiles at the NHS induction.

Juliana Carbone, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 25, 96 BPHS students were inducted into the National Honors Society.

One senior, 19 juniors, and 76 sophomores were among the inductees.

In order for the students to get accepted into NHS, they need to have a 3.85 GPA or higher, do 35 hours of community service, conduct a leadership project, and write an essay about the four pillars of National Honors Society– Leadership, Character, Service, and Scholarship.

The ceremony began with seniors Avery Hill, Lizzi Hartnett, Nathan Cassano, and Jacob Cunningham explaining what the four pillars mean to them as students.

Following them was keynote speaker Jennifer Meridan. Meridan is a self-taught naturalist, visual artist, and educator based in Pittsburgh. She spoke about how the four pillars play a role in her life as an artist and human being. She stated how adversity shapes character and listening to what others need and offering a helping hand is service, leading with love and humility is leadership, and being fully engulfed in your education is scholarship.

After the speech, Dr. J gave every inductee his or her certificate. Following the ceremony was a brief reception in the cafeteria with cookies and drinks.

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