BPHS picks the goofiest of the goofy


Alex & Lauren Mullen

Nick Bomar, Dave Scott, and Jake Nuttridge won the Best Friends award. (Be sure to check out the Goofy Awards section of the yearbook to see photos of all the awardees).

Amber Schnupp, Staff Writer

On Sunday, March 25, the Goofy Awards were presented to deserving seniors in front of a crowd of family and peers in the auditorium.

Throughout March, seniors nominated and then voted on their fellow senior peers for several categories ranging from cutest couple to worst car.

Here are the seniors who were picked as the goofiest of the goofy:

  • Loudest- Jake Nuttridge and Hailey Means
  • Most Opinionated- John Veltum and Grace Evans
  • Best Eyes- Austin Lewis and Colby Reid
  • Most Likely to Become Famous- Tyler Petrossi and Michaela Isenberg
  • Most Likely to Succeed- Evan Aronhalt and Erin Sullivan
  • Best Transformation- Tyler Petrossi and Rylee Pettigrew
  • Friendliest- Preston Smith and Sarah Russell
  • Biggest Flirt- Luke Mattola and Natalie Smith
  • Most Likely to be President- Evan Aronhalt and Erin Sullivan
  • Best Musician- Garret Hoffman and Michaela Isenberg
  • Most Talkative- Jake Nuttridge and Hailey Means
  • Class Clown- Patrick McCall and Erin Sullivan
  • Laziest- Bryce Evans and Hailey Means
  • Most Memorable- Devin DiPasquale and Hailey Means
  • Most Athletic- Tanner Volpatti and Kamryn Lach
  • Worst Driver- Carmen Esposito and Madison Ottaviano
  • Best Dressed- Cameron Carroll and Alaina Cerro
  • Most Likely to Test the Judicial System- Johnny Doleno and Abby Joyce
  • Best Car- Dave Opferman and Emma Papalia
  • Worst Car- KJ Williams and Jessica Scarlett
  • Couple that Should’ve Been- Nia Williams and Joe Wincko
  • Best Hair- Topher Futrell and Abby Delbene
  • Worst Case of Senioritis- Bryce Evans and Hailey Means
  • Best Friends (boys)- Jake Nuttridge, Dave Scott, and Nick Bomar
  • Best Friends (girls)- Jill Acker, Nia Williams, and Sammie Willhelm
  • Cutest Couple- Noah Seeberger and Camryn Manko
  • Best Laugh- Jake Nuttridge and Morgan Green
  • Best Smile- Anthony Plutt and Alaina Cerro

The Goofy Awards were hosted by the Junior Ways and Means under the direction of Mrs. Wheat and Mrs. Durmis.

Juniors Mason Bussard, Makenzie Volpatti, and Sammie Howe acted as MCs.

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