Girls are greater victims of the dress code

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

The dress code at BPHS seems to affect the girls more often than the boys even when the boys break the rules too.

When you read the list of dress code violations in the school’s student handbook, you will see that most of the rules on Page 27 are aimed towards girls and their style of clothing whereas there are few rules aimed at the boys.

What doesn’t make sense is the fact that both genders violate the rules. But you rarely ever see a boy get caught for wearing the wrong attire.

A couple bullet points into the dress code violations list on Page 27 and you will see: “Tank tops/tank top dresses, halter tops/halter top dresses, and tops with spaghetti straps may not be worn unless under a shirt or sweater. Low-cut tops exposing the chest or shirts exposing the bare midriff are not permitted.”

If a student chooses to break the dress code, the faculty and administration have the right to question that student’s dress and take necessary action.

Along with that, farther down on the dress code list on Page 28 it says, “The length of skirts and shorts should be below fingertip. When standing erect with your hands at your side, the length of the shorts or skirt should be below your fingertip.”

A possible reason for these dress code violations is that some women may feel like they have to bear their bodies because that’s what men and society seem to like. And they may also think that if they don’t show skin, the attention might not be on them.

After reading the school’s handbook and seeing what the dress code violations are, you can clearly see that girls are more affected by the rules.

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