Students can apply now for Teen Leadership Corps


Greydon Tomkowitz, Editor-In-Chief

Applications for the Bethel Park Teen Leadership Corps are due on Friday, Nov. 18.

The Teen Leadership Corps (TLC) runs the annual BOLD and GOLD events at IMS to help prepare incoming 9th graders for high school.

The BOLD and GOLD nights feature information sessions about topics such as the layout of the high school, possible activities, how to make money in high school, and many other interesting sessions.

BOLD and GOLD nights are held in January and February in the evening.

The TLC members will meet several times prior to the event to prepare and organize the activities.

All time spent working to prepare for BOLD and GOLD is counted as NHS hours.

TLC Team Captain Ben Smith said the TLC, “Allows you to not only connect with younger students, but with yourself and pass on some of the knowledge you obtain from experiences in high school.”

When asked what his favorite part about BOLD night is, Smith said, “Being able to build friendships with others already in high school and some with those who will be in high school the following year.”

Applications for the Teen Leadership Corps are available here.  Applications are due by Friday, Nov. 18 to the addresses listed on the application.  Two references are required.  Email submission of the application and references are encouraged.

For any additional questions reach out to  Kelly Albenze or Laura Hoffman.