Theatre Arts 3 students to perform three one acts

Molly McDowell, Staff Writer

The Water Cooler University Players (WCU) will be performing three one acts for students and staff during the school day on Thursday, April 14, with an evening performance later Friday evening.

The class includes Jessica Gatti, Cameron Nickel, Pat McCall, Laurel Kovalcik, Thomas Black, Maria Jay, Jefferson Belback, Molly McDowell, and Ian Maerkle

The schedule for Thursday is as follows: Period 2- “The Absolutely Most Cliched Elevator Play in the History of the Entire Universe,” Period 3- “The Waiter” and “Werewolf,” Period 4- Elevator, Period 6- “The Waiter” and “Werewolf,” Period 7- Elevator, Period 8- “The Waiter” and “Werewolf.”

The cast for Elevator includes Cameron Nickel, Jessica Gatti, Molly McDowell, Laurel Kovalcik, Jefferson Belback, Maria Jay, Thomas Black, and Ian Maerkle. The plot is basically a show within a show, where a theatre instructor (Cam Nickel) is inside of the elevator with all kinds of strange characters, all the while critiquing the play, whilst trying to find the playwright.

The cast for “Werewolf” includes Molly McDowell and Jefferson Belback. The story is about an abnormal couple who has many secrets that they start to share with each other at the drive in.

The cast for “The Waiter” includes Thomas Black, Maria Jay, and Cam Nickel. The plot is about a couple at a restaurant on their 3 month anniversary, and the man wants to break up with the woman, while the waiter is very nice but also very aggressive.

The WCU players will also be holding an evening performance on Friday night at 7 p.m. in the LGI room. Admission is free and everyone is welcome. Please come out to support the WCU players! THERE WILL BE FOOD.

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