DECA, FCCLA to host 2nd annual Bunny Brunch

Molly McDowell, Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 13, the 2nd annual Bunny Brunch will take place in the LGI Room. The brunch begins at 11:30 AM. Mrs. Smoller, along with students from FCCLA and DECA, and the Bethel Park Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the event.

When asked, Mrs. Smoller stated that the brunch is a really cool way to bring kids together to have fun during the Easter season.

“A lot of teachers bring their kids, which is always fun because you never really see teachers outside of school,” she said.

A bunch of local businesses help cater and donate their time to the brunch, so it also supports and promotes many locally owned businesses in the area. The students help out a lot too.

The activities taking place this year are pretty similar to those that took place last year, with a few differences, such as crafts, food, and games.

They had it in the LGI last year due to weather, but hopefully, if weather cooperates, they can move it outside in the courtyard.

Tickets are $7 per person, and children under two are free. Click here to register.

All proceeds go to FCCLA and DECA for their future competitions and trips.

Last year, about 100 people attended, so please come out and have some fun!

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