Halloween should be brought into the classroom

Amber Schnupp, Staff Writer

It is the big day that a lot of students here at BPHS look forward to, Halloween! The only thing is, some people do not even bother to mention that it is a holiday, and for a lot of people it is their favorite.

Everyone notices Christmas when it gets close. So, why not Halloween? It is celebrated internationally.

It is a great thing when teachers do include this holiday into their lessons.

For example, Ms. Schuster had her American History classes watch a Ghost Hunters episode. It was tied in because it was when they went to Gettysburg. It taught about the civil war and the battles there.

Then, there is Mr. Tobias who has never missed a Halloween at school. He is in costume every year.

He pulled the holiday into the class when he read some of his classes Der Werwolf by Christian Morgenstern.

Also, his German 5 have to memorize the poem.

His AP classes read ghost stories, such as Gespenter by Marie Lusie Kaschnitz.

This year, Mr. Tobias went as Constantine.

As for Halloween in the classrooms, it would be great to see the forgotten holiday brought back.


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