Student art of the week: Peek-a-boo!


Brooke Worrall and Amber Schnupp

If you have class on the first floor, you probably saw the artwork in the display case in the rotunda.

The case was covered with a paper that read “peek-a-boo….” and had small holes at eye-level through which illuminated carved pumpkins could be viewed.

Originally, it was for the science and art class studying preserving foods. The students made the pumpkins by carving them, then using a solution to preserve the pumpkins (Mrs. Palombo’s “Happy Little Eating Agents”), making sure to keep them at cold temperatures. The deeper it was carved, the better the light came through.

The pumpkins used were sugar pumpkins, which are smaller and cheaper, yet hold just as long.

In total, the project took two weeks, thirty-five minutes each day. It took time and effort, but with the right tools it was relatively easy.

All in all,the piece was a fun way of learning science and art, and a great display of student’s work for the fall season. Though the art has already been taken down, we can’t wait to see what else student’s exhibit in the future.

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