Holiday lasers pose as serious hazards to aircrafts

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

Every year for Christmas, people set up decorative lights and inflatables in their front lawns. This year, the new trend is having green and red laser beams shining onto your house.

These green and red lasers can be displayed in designs such as a star.

Just recently, the use of a “Star Shower” lighting display has caused a hazard to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In a recent article by John Shumway, a writer for CBS Pittsburgh, he wrote, “The issue of lasers and aircrafts is growing with reported cases more than doubling over the last year, but the ‘Star Shower’ decorating laser has taken the issue to a new level.”

Also, according to WFAA 8 News, an American Airlines pilot approaching Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport last Thursday, reported seeing a laser at 15,000 feet while flying over Garland.

The bright green and red lasers could easily distract the aircraft pilot and cause a serious problem when in flight.

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