Getting to know PA senate and governor candidates


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Tuesday’s midterm elections shape the balance of power in Congress and the Commonwealth.

The midterm elections are one of the most important elections in our country. In times like these, in an extremely polarized nation, they become even more prevalent.

Here in Bethel Park, and across all of Pennsylvania, two elections have the opportunity to shape the balance of power in Congress, and the Commonwealth, the race for senator and governor.

PA Lt. Governor John Fetterman (D) and TV Personality Dr. Mehmet Oz (R) will have the potential to totally alter the balance of power in the US Senate. This race has huge ramifications for the balance of power in the Senate, as the Democrats try to maintain their slim majority, and the Republicans try to regain their control of the Senate.

The main focus of this race has been the inflation rates in the US. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of meat and eggs has risen 8.8% in the northeast in comparison to one year earlier, the cost of housing has raised 6.6% and the cost of gas has risen 16.5%. The cost 0f gas had risen nearly 60% at one point in June.

John Fetterman believes these issues can be solved in multiple different ways. Fetterman’s campaign website states that Mr. Fetterman wants to suspend the federal gas tax, providing a slight decrease in prices at the pump.

In addition to the suspension of the gas tax, Fetterman wants to lower taxes for working-class Americans.

He also plans a heavy focus on the production of goods within the United States. If the US can focus on production at home, they can rebuild the supply chains without global shutdowns or conflicts interfering. This will increase supply and will lower prices for Americans.

Fetterman is also a supporter of the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill in congress that will make access to women’s reproductive healthcare a federal law.

As for Mehmet Oz, he believes the inflation problems can be solved by finding energy independence and lowering energy prices. Oz wants to extract more natural gas to increase access to energy and lower prices. Oz has said that the cost of energy is the number one driver of inflation in America.

Oz has also campaigned on the belief that the issue of women’s reproductive healthcare lies in the hands of the states. He is 100% pro-life.

The final, and arguably most important, race for the citizens of PA is the gubernatorial race between Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro and Republican nominee Doug Mastriano. This race will determine the future of abortion rights in Pennsylvania and has had a large focus on education.

Doug Mastriano has been on record multiple times saying that he will sign Pennsylvania Senate Bill 956 into law, stating that there is no right to abortion in Pennsylvania. Josh Shapiro has declared he will veto the bill immediately.

Josh Shapiro will begin his economic plan with a gas tax refund of $250 for every personal vehicle registered in the Commonwealth, up to a total of $1,000 dollars for four passengers.

He also plans to eliminate the 11% tax on the sale of cell phone services, saving people money on their cell phone bills.

Lastly, Shapiro plans to expand the property tax and rent rebate program. He will make the program available to 275,000 more Pennsylvanians and increase the maximum rebate to $1,00o.

Shapiro has plans to increase funding for all underfunded schools across PA. He also plans on taking action to put at least one mental health counselor at every school in the Commonwealth.

In addition, Shapiro wants to appoint at least two parents to the State Board of Education, so parents have a seat at the table when it comes to their children’s education.

His opponent Doug Mastriano’s differences in view and policy is stark.

Mastriano believes that the route to economic revitalization is by encouraging coal and natural gas extraction. He also plans to cut the gas tax, and lower the corporate net-income tax in order to attract business.

He also says he will put forward a new budget that will keep reckless spending in check, however, his website or campaign fails to mention how.

As for education, Mastriano is a strong believer in school choice. School choice allows a greater choice for parents of where their child can get their education.

Mastriano also says that he will ban critical-race theory and gender theory studies, and disallow trans-women from being allowed to participate in women’s sports.

Voting is the most important responsibility for Americans, and voting should be heavily encouraged for all Bethel Park seniors who are eligible to vote on November 8.