Trump banned from Twitter, other platforms

Clara Moir, Staff Writer

Recently, the president of the United States has been banned from multiple social media platforms. This is most likely due to his tweets about the November election results.

Twitter’s statement on the permanent ban sheds light on Trump’s recent tweets claiming the election was stolen and on his accusations of false votes to Biden through mail-in ballots.

This has been proven time and time again that it is all, indeed, false. The massive influence that the president has over the world, causes a risk of misleading the general public.

Therefore, the tweets, at first, were labeled with a link to many articles to give accurate facts about the election. Later on in the year, Twitter started deleting Trump’s tweets and covering them up for false information with more links to news.

Not long after the deletion of his election tweets, the Twitter account for Donald Trump was suspended permanently from Twitter. Along with this, many Trump supporters ceased their usage of the social media platform, as a form of boycott or protest.

Many other platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, have followed in Twitter’s footsteps and permanently banned or suspended the president. However, the most significant ban, was on Twitter, since the president tweeted, at minimum, weekly about the election.

The platform was his biggest influence on the public, as well as a negative one, due to false information.

Another reason for the permanent ban from the platform is the recent storming of the U.S Capitol. The terrorists mainly influenced by the false info on the election being rigged were enraged by the U.S congress and took over the capitol building in an attempt to take back “stolen” votes.

The extremely negative influence on this violence went against the terms and services of the platform, resulting in permanent removal.

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