SpaceX test run semi-successful

Dan Del Bene , Staff Writer

Wednesday night SpaceX took to the skies once again to test run their new Starship rocket prototype. The rocket reached up to eight miles into the atmosphere above the Texas skies, where SpaceX is headquartered.

The 160-foot rocket was tested as it in the future may be able to send satellites in the air very quickly, sending people between cities at super fast speed, and eventually create settlements on Mars. Elon Musk said one day this would be like a ferry taking a large number of people to places hard to reach or far away.

As the rocket attempted to land safely back on land, something went wrong, and the rocket, just touching the ground, went up into flames. Musk stated via Twitter, “It had a one and three chance of landing safely back on Earth.” The test run wasn’t expected to 100% land safely as a fuel problem caused the rocket to go up into green and yellow flames.

As the rocket was still almost able to land near small town Boca Rico, Texas, Musk calls the mission an absolute success. SpaceX has been testing and producing new prototypes at an extremely fast rate compared to its competitor NASA. SpaceX’s new technology and bright future has a lot of people excited about the future of space travel.

The Starship rocket prototype was supposed to take off twice earlier in the week as the flights were canceled just before.