Have we seen the worst of the coronavirus?


Kevin Moore

Be safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Max Lorenz, Staff Writer

With the past week over, experts are predicting that the deadly coronavirus could finally be past its worst weeks. Many people say that the last week was going to be the worst and that once we got through it, that it would start to get better.

New York starts to see some hope with its numbers of cases per day going down from last week to this week. But the number of deaths is still around the same number per day, with over 700 for the sixth time in a row.  New York also issued an executive order where employees in the public would have to wear masks while working.

With Easter just passing, many people were at home instead of celebrating the holiday which helped to keep the spread contained better. Many schools and even just family or friends have resorted to using an app called Zoom. This app is an app where you can talk face-to-face with multiple people on the phone or computer. There have been classes, meetings, and just gatherings on Zoom.

This is helping to contain coronavirus, and if we continue to follow the stay-at-home orders, then this could end sooner than expected. Experts say that this virus will affect us all the way up to next year if people keep going out and don’t follow the rules.

Even all professional sporting events are canceled. They won’t allow their teams or athletes to compete because of the close interaction between athletes and because of the interaction between athletes and fans. Some pro sports are deciding whether or not they want to resume their seasons without any fans. This would help but to truly stop the spread, it seems we need to be patient and hold off all events.

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