Coronavirus continues to cause concern


Mark Lewis


Dan Del Bene , Staff Writer

The 22nd death in America from the Coronavirus was reported Wednesday night. The death toll will continue to rise as the number of cases increases over time.

The first case in America was reported in Washington but has quickly spread to other states with currently 150 confirmed cases. The worldwide number of cases is over 100,000 with the number continuing to rise.

The death toll is a little over 3,000 people. The number of deaths isn’t as high as it seems with the fatality rate at around just three percent mainly only affecting the elderly or people with previous health problems. The majority at 84 percent with mild cases aren’t seriously affected.

The virus has affected many other areas of the world. The stock market has been on a continuous downfall for the last two weeks as the Coronavirus affects the worldwide economy.

Schools in Japan and other countries are closing until these massive outbreaks begin to stop. Italy decided to not let fans attend sporting events.

American colleges are sending students who were overseas back home and being put in quarantine for up to two weeks. Also, workers in companies around America are being told to go home with a chance of obtaining the virus. For example, in Seattle, Wash., one worker from both Microsoft and Amazon were confirmed to have the virus, which forced a large number of workers home.

Cruise ships around the world are being stopped because of how easy it is to spread illnesses being stuck on a boat for days and weeks. For example, a ship off the coast of Japan infected 95 percent of people on the ship.

Italy is now making massive orders to take precautions. The prime minister Giuseppe Conte announced that there was a significant increase in people with coronavirus over the weekend. In the northern region, Lombardy, which has the cities Milan and Venice, is in this new quarantine zone which means people can’t leave or really do anything.