South Hills Village to undergo major renovation

Looking south and down in the northern court of SHV on a sunny midday.

Jim.henderson [CC0]

Looking south and down in the northern court of SHV on a sunny midday.

Sarah Pellis, Copy Editor, Deputy Features Editor

South Hills Village Mall is going to be under a major construction this summer. The $50 million dollar renovation will include new entrances, a demolished Sears, and a new kind of food court.

The new entrances will be at the rear of the mall where Sears used to be and where the mall faces Fort Couch Road where the food court entrance is currently. The entrance will be reconfigured and there will be outward facing shops as well.

The Sears Auto Shop in the back of the mall is going to turn into a gym called Life Time Fitness with three stories, 120,000 square feet and an outdoor swimming pool. There are locations of the Minnesota-based company in Philadelphia, but none in Pittsburgh.

According to Simon Mall executives, the food court will not exist anymore after this renovation. There will be restaurants scattered around the mall.

As an employee in the food court, I have heard all kinds of rumors. People have said that they are going to move the food court to where Sears was and keep the popular restaurants as well as the popular food court options. This means that a lot of people might be losing jobs as well.

Employees have also said that the renovation is going to start this summer, but KDKA states that mall officials have not claimed when they are starting the renovation.

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