Bethel Council supports radar for local police

Greydon Tomkowitz, Editor-In-Chief

The Bethel Park Municipal Council passed a resolution Jan. 8 supporting PA Senate Bill 251, which grants local police departments the ability to use the same radar speed guns previously only used by State Police.

PA State Senate passed this resolution in Nov. 2017, and the bill is now awaiting approval from the State House Transportation Committee.

Councilman Harrison of the BP Municipal Council expressed his support of this resolution, and believes it is long overdue. In an interview with The Almanac, he said, “We’re the only state that doesn’t allow local police to use radar.”

This new resolution would require all municipal police officers to receive special training in the proper use of the new equipment from the state police. In addition, the municipality will have to pass new ordinances allowing the use of radar technology as well as install signs alerting drivers that local police may use radar technology for speed limit enforcement.