PETA supporters boycotting ‘A Dog’s Purpose’

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

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Animal movies are normally heart-warming and nice to watch. But you rarely ever see what happens to the animals behind the scenes.

A new movie that has received controversy is A Dog’s Purpose. After TMZ leaked a video of the German Shepherd, Hercules, struggling to stay afloat in the water, people have been hating on the movie and speaking their minds.

One of the haters is Lisa Lange, a spokesperson for PETA. And she said, “It takes a cold heart not to find this footage disturbing.”

But even after all the fuss and controversy on the video, and whether it was animal abuse or not, Gavin Polone, a producer of the film, claims: “There were several days of rehearsal of the water scenes to ensure Hercules was comfortable with all of the stunts. On the day of the shoot, Hercules did not want to perform the stunt portrayed on the tape, so the Amblin production team did not proceed with filming that shot.”

Lasse Hallstrom, another producer said: “I did not witness these actions, which are unacceptable and would never happen with my knowledge. We were all committed to providing a loving, respectful and safe environment for all the animals in the film.”

PETA is so against this leaked video that they are “calling on dog lovers to boycott the film in order to send the message that dogs and other animals should be treated humanely, not as movie props.”

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