Animal Friends offers lost-cost option for spaying/neutering your cat

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

Animals Friends is looking to help fix your cats and dogs for a very low price compared to what a normal veterinary clinic would charge.

Animal Friends is a very friendly, humane animal shelter that does its best to help you and your pet’s well-being.

Many people fail to live up to their pet’s needs because it costs lots of money and it tends to be a hassle.

But by spaying or neutering your cat with the help of Animal Friends, you can help your wallet and help limit the amount of strays and homeless cats roaming in your area.

All of the requirements for the spay and neuter program are listed on Animals Friends Program page on their website.

The sooner you apply, the less populated your neighborhood will be and the more happy your wallet will be if you choose Animal Friends.

So if you’re interested in this money-saving program, contact Animal Friends by calling the Spay/Neuter Department at 412-847-7004 to schedule an appointment.

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