Coast Guard confirms sinking of missing cargo ship

Greydon Tomkowitz, Editor-in-Chief

On Monday, Oct. 5, U.S. Coast Guard confirmed the sinking of cargo ship El Faro. The search is on going for the 33-man crew.

El Faro, a  790-foot container ship, went missing Oct. 1 as a result of severe weather caused by hurricane Joaquin. Search for the ship ensued shortly after.

Three Coast Guard cutters, two C-130 aircraft, helicopters, and a U.S. Navy plane searched the wide expanses of the Atlantic all weekend in search of the ship.

On Monday, Oct. 5, searchers found a large debris field 90 miles from Samana Cay. Searchers discovered a container believed to be from the ship, debris from containers, an oil sheen, and a life ring from El Faro.

Prior to losing communication on Thursday, the crew reported that the ship had lost power, taken on water and was listing 15 degrees, but that the situation was “manageable.” Shortly after this communication was received, all contact with the cargo ship was lost.

The search for the crew of El Faro continues, and family members attempt to remain optimistic as they wait in the Seafarer’s International Union hall in Jacksonville, Florida for any update.