Whom Would You Rather Be?: Jawn or Shawn?

Kara Brunner, Staff Writer

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For this week’s Whom Would You Rather Be?, our two contestants are musty English teacher Jawn Allemang and the popular, better looking foreign exchange student Shawn.

Jawn Allemang has been a teacher here at BPHS for six years now. Jawn is a full time dad and doesn’t get out much on the weekends. He is known for his Jerry Garcia ties and two cats. You can usually find Jawn pushing his cart through the halls because he has not been fortunate enough to call a classroom “his.”  Another way to recognize him in the halls is by his carefully coordinated outfits. Usually on Mondays and Thursdays Jawn will wear his ¨Mang in black¨ outfit; it’s all black. On the other days you will usually catch Jawn dressed in either all brown or a plain shirt matched with an iconic (Jerry Garcia) tie.



Shawn is the newest foreign exchange student. He came to America seeking a good education and equal rights for centaurs. Shawn has a mohawk in the front and braids in the back; he describes his hair as “always classy never trashy.”  Shawn said the toughest part about being the new kid is being bullied all the time about his height and also about being half horse. Not to mention, the love of his life, Shawna, is with another man. Despite all that, Shawn still manages a positive attitude and always has a smile on his face. Shawn lifts his spirits on the weekends by hitting up the local clubs with a few friends. In school, Shawn is an excellent student and the captain on the rifle range team. Go Shawn!


Whom would YOU rather be?

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