Student of the Week: Corey Kroboth

Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

Grade: 12

Age: 18

Zodiac: Gemini

Twitter?: @coreyk_12

Favorite TV show?: Ya Heard? With Perd!

Favorite subject?: Concert choir

Do you play instruments? Which ones?: The clarinet, sax, snare drum, and my lungs.

Coke or Pepsi?: RC Cola

Do you play any sports?: Volleyball and weight lifting

What clubs are you in?: SGA, PACS, 10th grade chess club veteran, NHS, band, musical, glee club, and cookie club

Favorite teacher?: saltymang

Would you rather be ripped and ugly or weak and handsome? Ripped and ugly

Favorite movie?: Rubber

Celebrity crush?: Hillary Clinton

Any siblings?: Jenna the boss Kroboth. Freshman. Age 15. Reps the XC team. Future president.

Favorite member of One Direction?: Taylor Swift when she dated Harry. I mean Harry when he was dating Taylor.

Words to your haters?: “Please stop hating.”

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