Student of the Week: Zoe Zilcosky


Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

Zoe Zilcosky

Grade: 10

Age: 16

Twitter?: @zoezilcosky

Do you play any sports?: Lacrosse and cross country

Are you in any clubs?: SGA and homecoming committee

What’s your zodiac sign? Virgo

Favorite subject?: Study hall

Favorite teacher?: Mr. Allemang

Do you have any siblings?: One older sister

Favorite TV show?: Parks and Recreation

Favorite movie?: The Way Way Back

Who do you hate more, the dentist or the doctor?: The doctor because shots

Favorite musician?:  Lana Del Rey

Celebrity crush? Nick J. Robinson

Would you rather be fat and happy or sad and skinny?: I’m already sad and skinny

Favorite member of One Direction?: 2013 Harry

Words to your haters?: “Do your knees hurt from jumping to conclusions?”

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