Steel Center offers pathway to success


Anabel Franzmann, Staff Writer

If given the opportunity to jump-start your education, would you?

As a freshman, the last thing on your mind is your future career. The next four years prepare you to succeed as a future college student. But what if college is not in your future?

Bethel Park has been giving the opportunity to upcoming sophomores to explore a trade career. From graphic design to HVAC, the choices are endless.

Steel Center ATV offers 3-year programs to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Currently, Steel Center offers 18 classes with three new additions this year.

As a senior, you have the opportunity to earn certifications in your trade. Along with these certifications, you can be placed in a job right out of high school. If college is in your future, Steel Center also offers college credits.

Additionally, Steel Center offers student organizations including National Technical Honors Society, BAMP, and SkillsUSA. SkillsUSA is the largest student-run organization in technical schools. SkillsUSA offers competitions, parties, and many workshops. When you compete, you have the chance to win scholarships and cash prizes.

As you succeed in your trade, you may have the opportunity to participate in Co-op. Co-op offers students jobs or internships in high school. Many students continue to work for their Co-op company for many years after high school.

Remember your future is now closer than ever before.