Life of a remote student

Silhouette of a student at home learning online.

pxhere, cc

Silhouette of a student at home learning online.

Clara Moir, Staff Writer

With the recent news of COVID-19 cases increasing in positivity in Bethel Park, students may be going back to more remote learning. An interview was conducted with a completely remote student, who wished to remain anonymous, and this is how her day goes.

She tends to wake up around 7 a.m., which is a lot later than when she’d usually wake up for physical school, last year. Without the need to go anywhere apart from her computer that is across the room, there’s no need to get “ready” for any sort of school experience.

Before signing in, she gets herself some breakfast from downstairs and logs into Schoology. Throughout the day, classes might end early or not need virtual meetings at all for the day. During these small breaks, she might work on homework or other tasks.

While on live video meetings, with the camera only on her face, she can stay in her PJs all day! During the small breaks between periods, she might grab lunch somewhere in the day. With a flexible schedule, there is a lot of free time for remote students.

As stated during the interview, she thinks, “It’s a lot easier to get work done during classes when remote, I’ve found.”

Students all over the school have different opinions about how this school year should go.

It’s best we adapt to whatever the world gives us. These are hard times for some students’ grades, especially. The lack of information about what’s going on can be very stressful.

Remote students have very limited ways of asking questions about their classes. It can either be through email or video call after a class.

Despite the hard times, students can work hard to have a successful 2020-2021 school year.

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