How to finish the first quarter strong


Mr. Allemang

A view of the main entrance of Bethel Park High School.

Jake Peters, Staff Writer

Attention, students of Bethel Park! The end of the first quarter is Tuesday, Nov. 5. The first nine weeks for the students have been flying by during the online and hybrid schooling plans. With this being said, catching up on your work and being proactive to achieve your goals is important in these last two weeks.

What can you do? First, check your grades, and see if you are missing any assignments. If so, there are many ways to contact your teachers in order to make up your work. Teachers are working very hard during this time to make work as flexible as possible. If you are caught up on your work and doing well, there are still many things you can be doing before the nine weeks end.

Another option is proactively reaching out to your teachers about tests and quizzes. During this time, we have had to take many tests online and in school. One thing you can do is to set time aside to go over test answers and questions you missed. Instead of accepting grades for what they are during this period, try to get something out of it. Going over your tests with your teachers if possible will help you learn the material you had previously missed. While this may not matter at the moment, maybe the same questions you missed will come up on your final exam. Always try to help yourself as much as possible.

The pandemic has certainly taken away from school a lot. However, it is our responsibility as students to maintain our grades and keep up with work. While the end of the nine weeks wraps up, remember to be getting in missing assignments and communicating the best you can with your teachers.

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