What are we missing out on during quarantine?

Max Lorenz, Staff Writer

Almost everything has been shut down with the outbreak of this virus. But what have we been missing out on?

One thing that we could be missing out on is the NBA season and even some of the playoffs. We maybe could have seen records broken over this period. Lebron could have had a 70-point game, or the Lakers could have been on their way to win their 17th championship. Instead, the season has been canceled for over a month and now the NBA might even just cancel the season altogether.

We could also be missing out on MLB history. Their season was delayed and there currently are negotiations to shorten their season to around 80 games. This would change the whole season for the MLB.  The pitchers would be able to save their arms for the postseason as they would be pitching less in the regular season. Even if the season plays out, there will always be an asterisk next to the season.

Another thing we are missing out on is high school sports.  Many seniors missed out on their season. They could have missed their last chance to play the game they love. Especially for spring sports, almost all of them were canceled. This sucks for the teams who maybe could have won a championship, like our baseball team at Bethel, who were projected to go far into the playoffs.

One last thing we all are missing out on is our lives. Our lives are, if we are lucky, 100 years, and this year feels like it is just a wasted 1/100. Everyone has to stay inside and away from others, and it is very hard to do what you want to at this point in time.

Nobody likes to miss out on some of their favorite things, but right now these are some things that we have to miss out on for our safety.

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