Ways to workout while social distancing


Eric Astrauskas via Flickr, cc (www.PTinTO.com)

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Hunter Junazski, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has caused many public facilities all across the United States to close, and one that has all peoples mad is the closing of gyms. Gym-goers must now find alternatives to going to the gym to get their exercise and muscle-building needs met.

Many gym-goers have their own weight sets at home. These people will be able to not lose all that the gym has given them. Depending on what weights they have at home, they could quite possibly bench press, curl dumbbells, and do many other weight stack related exercises.

But for the rest of us who don’t have weights at home, we must stick to things like running around our neighborhood and doing push-ups. Push-ups are proven to be one of the greatest exercises known to man for their ability to strengthen so many different muscle areas at the same time. Push-ups are very simple to do and all you need to do them is a flat ground.

Many other exercises are also available. Lots of ab workouts are being used as well. Sit-ups and planks are very popular right now as well. Just like push-ups, these exercises just need a flat surface. If you are lucky enough to have a pull-up bar around, you are in terrific luck because pull-ups are also very essential for the upper body muscle groups.

Leg workouts are certainly a possibility as well. Just doing sprints through the neighborhood is a safe way to strengthen leg muscles. Also, if you do happen to be lucky enough to have weights, squats are also mightily important for leg muscles. Many, however, who do not have weights have created their own by using things like cans and cinder blocks as weights for their exercises.

As all of us wait for the social distancing to end and gyms to open back up, everyone can try to make use of this time productively and just wait for the good times to hit us.

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