10 things to do while quarantined at home

Things to do while Quarantined

Ben Duncan

Things to do while Quarantined

Max Lorenz, Staff Writer

Almost the entire world is under quarantine and schools are being called off for a couple of months because of the COVID-19 virus. So here is a list, in no particular order, of things you can do while at home bored.

  1. Workout. There are so many videos online or programs that you can use to help you workout from home.
  2. Sleep. Many people are tired and now is a time where you can catch up on some sleep.
  3. Watch TV. With Netflix being so popular you can go and finish your favorite series or watch that movie you have been waiting to watch.
  4. Play video games. With Xbox and PlayStation being so popular, many people are resorting to using them to cure their boredom. It is a great idea to buy some new games and have fun over the extended break.
  5. Learn to cook. Many kids and even some adults don’t know how to cook and it is a very important skill that they should know. No better time to learn cooking than while at home all day.
  6. Read. Reading can make you smarter and it can give you something to do.
  7. Do some school work. You can get your grades up and do some work.
  8. Clean your house. If you are staying in your house all day, you might as well make it look nice.
  9. Buy things online. Now you can look online and find some things you could need. Many stores are offering deals since some of them aren’t open to the public anymore.
  10. Watch YouTube. There are unlimited videos online to watch. You can find something for anyone to watch. It is an endless app of great videos.
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