The girls basketball locker room continues on

Juliana Carbone, Deputy Photography Editor

The girls basketball team’s season has come to an end. They ended the season with a winning record, 23-4. Their only 4 losses were to the 25th team in the nation, Peters Township.

The locker room will now be passed on from the basketball team to the lacrosse team. Them and the volleyball team all share it throughout the school year. When one team’s season is over, the next team steps in and takes over.

You might have heard about the smelly locker room that the girls basketball team had to deal with. Lauren Mullen, staff writer and member of the girls basketball team, wrote a passionate article about how disgusting the scent was. After bringing it to the attention of Mr. Sloan, the Athletic Director, the smell has gone away.

The team would like to thank the janitors and everyone else that helped the aroma smell great again! And to the girls lacrosse team, don’t worry! The problem is solved!

Good luck to the girls lacrosse team as they start their season, and also a huge congratulations to the girls basketball team on an awesome season!