Fresh Cut Fridays: Ways to update your look


Amber Schnupp, Staff Writer

Changing your hairstyle can be a great way to update your look.

There are many ways to freshen up your style that are easy and will help you stand out.

One way to change up your hairstyle is to change your hair part. By changing up your hair part you can give yourself a fresh new look. It is an easy and fast change but you are sure to notice the difference. It is also easy to change back if you don’t like it.

When it comes to styling hair, many people fall into a habit of sticking with what they know.

A fun way to change up your look is by styling it differently!

Do you find yourself straightening your hair more than not? Maybe change it up and try curling it. You don’t even need a new tool to do it, you can still use your straightener!

If you already curl your hair more often than not, maybe try new types of curls. It is easy to do things like crimp or give yourself loose waves.

Changing your hair texture is a great way to keep things looking new and fresh.

Updating your style can be even more fun when you bring color into the mix. Color is a sure way to get an update!

Dying your hair can be scary, but there is nothing to be scared of.

Going darker or lighter, even if by only a shade or two, is sure to always catch the eye of people around you.

There’s always the option to go unnatural too!

Nowadays, there are so many bright and colorful options in the terms of hair dye. It’s a very popular trend to dye your hair these fun and unique colors.

Of course it can be scary to take that big jump but the payoff is almost always worth it.

The same can be said when it comes to cutting your hair. Cutting your hair is the quickest and easiest way to instantly change up your personal style.

Doing something like adding layers is painless and low commitment but the look is freshened up.

Adding bangs are an easy way to look sharp and clean.

Of course the biggest way to change your hairstyle is to take the big chop. Cutting all of your hair is a big commitment but it is a great style option.

Short hair is in style and it is a flattering look on many.

Still, if you are scared of the commitment, there is always the option to fake a bob. If you fold your hair and roll it up around the base of your neck while letting the rest of your hair down, you can fake people into thinking you’ve taken the big cut.

When it comes to new hairstyles, it can sometimes be daunting and scary to commit. The best thing to keep in mind is that hair always grows back.

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