BPHS: a unique place

Logan Wright, Staff profile

BPHS is truly a unique place to attend school, and here are its three most distinguishing characteristics.

To start, BPHS is unique because of its huge main gym that can fit 3,126 people at one time and that’s amazing.  It’s called the nest because of its unique concave shape. It’s also where players are made. It features a giant four-sided scoreboard that has screens that come down on each side. Above the gym is an indoor walking track.

Second, it offers students many choices of classes and electives. Popular choices include Intro to Woodworking, Survival in the Kitchen, Law and You, Video and Media Productions, Ceramics, and Intro to Marketing. Also, there are great teachers and afterschool activities. Basically, there’s something for everyone at BPHS.

Third, we have a nice campus and school. The campus features a state of the art athletic facility that includes a stadium, two additional turf fields, two baseball fields, a softball field, and eight tennis courts. Additionally, there’s a nice courtyard with a pond that features a Haunted Courtyard every October. Students can use the courtyard in between classes and at lunch when the weather is nice.

These three reasons explain why Bethel park is unique from the other schools.

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