Hurricane Harvey: How can YOU help?

Amber Schnupp, Staff Writer

Currently in Texas, Hurricane Harvey is hitting land and is causing a lot of damage. Major cities in Texas, such as Houston, are in a lot of danger. Houston is currently facing extreme flooding which is destroying many homes and leaving many people stranded.

Due to the extreme water levels, homes are also being flooded and are leaving people trapped inside. Groups of people have been forced to stay on the upper levels of their homes, or in extreme cases, even forcing people to stay on the roofs of their homes.

Flood waters are dangerous to traverse, unless it is by boat or professionals with proper safety gear. This fact makes this an even worse situation because many people are suffering and it seems there is nothing we can do to help. Or is there?

What can we do to help the people who are being affected by this storm? There are in fact many options we can take.

One option we have is as simple as sending one text message. That’s right, it is that easy to help someone in need. You can text HARVEY to the number 90999 and donate $10 to the flood efforts right now. You can also call them at 1-800 RED CROSS.

According to the Red Cross and other flood relief groups, the best way to help when you aren’t located in or near the area, is to donate money. Of course, they need material things like food and blankets, but due to the distance, donating those things can be costly because of having to ship it to the affected areas. This means the best way for us to contribute is by donating money.

They can use this money to fund more rescue efforts, like sending more people with boats out to help rescue people from the waters. They can also use the money to buy more supplies for their shelters. One donation could go a long way. It would not be a wasted effort.

Another way to help out is by donating blood to your local blood bank. There are people who are in medical danger because of the storms. The blood banks are taking donations to send out to the areas in Texas that need it the most.

Just because we are far away does not mean we cannot do our part to help. It is important we look out for each other in a time of need.

Once again, you can text HARVEY to 90999 or call 1-800 RED CROSS to donate right now.

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