World Wednesday: Human food is harmful to birds

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

With the local ponds melting and attracting more and more bird species, it tends to attract human visitors too. And the most harmful thing that these people are doing is feeding birds human food.

Bread is one of the most common thing that people are giving these birds, and without knowing it, it is actually slowly disabling them.

The bread that people are feeding these animals is full of chemicals and carbohydrates. And not only does bread harm the birds, so does any other type of food besides natural ingredients and seeds.

After birds eat a certain amount of this carb-filled food, they start to show signs of a crippling condition called “angel wing.”

“Angel Wing” is a mutation that makes bird wings grow too rapidly and even causes them to curve outwards and upwards, disabling the bird from a smooth flight.

Next time you go to a pond or lake, make sure you think of the foods that you are offering the wildlife.

So play it safe and give the birds foods such as bird food, corn, oats, lettuce, and other natural ingredients are all healthy and safe.

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