Style of the Week: Lace headbands are making a return!


Senior Cameron Happe models her lace headband.

Zoe Zilcosky and Cameron Happe

Style icon of our school Cameron Happe has taken fashion into her own hands. She is bringing back lace headbands.

Lace headbands were all the rage in 2012. Anyone who was anyone had a lace headband. The popular color was beige. However, after about a year, lace headbands fell off the radar.

The place to get the trendy hair accessories was Claire’s.

Cameron Happe says, “I think I bought two packs of them. Three headbands came in each one and one pack was the off colored ones like beige and ivory and pink, and then the other pack had white, gray, and black.”

The lace headbands add a formal touch to any look you want. You can pair them with T-shirts or dresses!

So find your lace headbands because they are making a return!

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