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BPHS Alumni of the Week: Bob Brunner

Kara Brunner, Staff Writer

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What year did you graduate?: 2015

Where do you go to college?: Duquesne University

Who’s your best friend?: The squad

What’s your major?: Supply chain management

Who was your favorite teacher at BPHS?: Mr. Kreigline

What was your favorite class at BPHS?: Enviromental Science

Are you in a band?: No…

Do you work anywhere?: Tuxedo Junction

What was the best BPHS lunch?: Wrap

Favorite animal?: Iguana

What sports/activities were you involved in?: Lax and wrestling

Do you miss high school?: Kind of

Any advice for high schoolers now?: Be social

Who’s your favorite member of One Direction? Niall Horan

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Kara Brunner, Staff Writer

Kara Ashley Brunner is a junior at BPHS and this is her second year taking journalism.

Kara runs cross country and track. She has been running since...

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BPHS Alumni of the Week: Bob Brunner