October isn’t all about breast cancer

Amber Schnupp, Staff Writer

October is well known for being awareness month for breast cancer, but did you know that it is also awareness for more than that? This month is also awareness for probably over 13 other things.

I will cover them in a group of articles, starting with Down Syndrome, Autism, and Rett Syndrome.

Down Syndrome

It is a genetic disorder that has been caused by the person having a third copy of chromosome 21. This syndrome affects physical growth and causes some delays, characteristic facial features, and mild to moderate intellectual disability.

To see the National Down Syndrome Society’s website, click here.


Autism is a type of disorder that affects the brain’s normal growth, and development. Social and communication skills prove difficult too.

To see the Autism Speaks website, click here.

Rett Syndrome

It is a reversal in language and hand use in most cases. It is a disorder of the nervous system. Though it mostly only ever attacks girls.

To go to their official website, click here.

These three disorders are also apart of the October awareness. It can be challenging for anyone who has these.

Make sure you spread awareness and keep on a look out for the next articles.

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