Aiello’s Pizza revamps itself with new installments


Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

High quality food and a great time are two things that you are ensured to have when you step into Aiello’s Pizza shop in Pittsburgh.

And I recently sat down with the owner, Mike Aiello, to talk about some of the new and exciting things happening in his pizza shop and why it quite possibly is the best in the Burgh!

When asked about his favorite dish he said, with a cheesy grin, “I don’t have a favorite dish, everything is good. But the fan favorites are the pepperoni rolls and sausage pizza.”

But fresh, handmade Italian meals aren’t the only things Aiello’s specializes in.

The shop has just added a new installment of a grand selection of on tap beers from local breweries for those who are of age.

But that’s not all!

A brand new storefront sign has been placed on the shop giving it a more classy feel.

Aiello says the total renovation and beer selection has affected the business’ pizza sales greatly because of the fresh, new environment it gives the shop.

So next time you stop in the shop, make sure to visit the new bar and enjoy all the delicious handmade foods Aiello’s has to offer!

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