Opinion: Impact of Governor Wolf testing positive for COVID-19


Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf answering questions from the press. As states across the country begin to reopen and nearly half are seeing COVID-19 cases rise, Governor Tom Wolf announced Friday that Pennsylvania is not one of them. …Today at a daily COVID briefing with Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, he noted another milestone: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention proprietary data for states indicates that we are one of just three states that has had a downward trajectory of COVID- 19 cases for more than 42 days. The other two states are Montana and Hawaii. JUNE 17, 2020 – HARRISBURG, PA.

Jake Peters, Staff Writer

On the afternoon of Wednesday, Dec 9, Gov. Tom Wolf reported himself that he contracted COVID-19.  The second-term Democrat said a routine virus test indicated his positivity.

He has begun self isolating at his home with his wife, who is still awaiting test results. He is the fifth governor in the United States to contract COVID-19, along with President Donald Trump.

His close contacts and all of his senior staff have tested negative so far.  Lyndsay Kensinger, Gov, Wolf’s spokesperson, said recently the governor’s security had an outbreak among themselves.

Last month, Governor Wolf strengthened his mask mandate and “required out-of-state travelers to test negative for the coronavirus before arrival.”

Recently in Pennsylvania, the infection rates are soaring throughout the whole state. PA is averaging around 9,000-11,000 confirmed cases a day. This number is up a lot higher than what it previously was.

Mr. Wolf has continued to tell people to social distance and to wear your mask.

Now, what will be the impact of Governor Wolf testing positive for COVID-19 be? My guess is that restrictions and mandates are going to increase. I think that since Governor Wolf has been abiding by his own rules and still contracted the virus, this is going to scare him a lot.

Finally, this is probably what the world of Pa. will look like soon. All indoor gatherings including mixed parties (friends, not family) are going to be prohibited. This means things like weddings and birthday parties will probably be delayed. Churches and gyms, institutions that people visit often, are going to be limited to their indoor quantity. Depending on how big or small the building is will depend on how many people will be allowed in there. Restaurants and bars are going to be closed, but takeout and mobile-order will continue. Last, but not least, schools and colleges are going to continue to stay with online instruction only.

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