What makes a good student?

Clara Moir, Staff Writer

Although our current school system is immensely different than what it was a year ago, there are still expectations for students. Here are some tips and tricks to meet those expectations and reach your fullest potential as a student.

One main skill to work on is focus. Hard assignments need time and effort, and if a student lacks the focus and concentration to do so, the assignment is put off until the last minute or not done at all.

Organization helps assignments get done faster and more productively when the student can find everything they need to complete the task.

Another helpful skill is self-discipline. High school students can easily be distracted by everything that’s going on around them, and they can lose the motivation to start assignments back up again.

Self-discipline is defined by the ability to control one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, and overcome obstacles. For example, a student will realize that the project is hard; however, they will push forward and finish with their best effort.

Asking for help is an integral part of success. Knowing the right people to ask and when to ask is a major help for outstanding grades. Understanding a topic can be hard, and asking for the right outside advice can tremendously change a student’s work outcomes.

A surprising trait of a good student is being a good friend. Having good friends and connections can boost a student’s morale and lift them up when events in school get hard, which they will. The feeling of having people to talk to and get help from can also boost a student’s confidence.

A student’s confidence is meant to be boosted and helped; students shouldn’t be kicked down for doing poorly on assignments, they should be offered help in a kind, supportive manner.

A student with good confidence and support has the willingness and determination to take on new challenges. These characteristics are necessary for success in high school, in college, and in the working world.