Opinion: BPSD should give students a longer spring break


Alexas_Fotos (Pixabay)

Students should be given more of a chance to relax during spring break.

Anastasia Williams, Staff Writer

One of the many things that students look forward to in a school year is the iconic winter and spring break. These breaks give students time to disconnect from the stress of school and connect with their friends and family during the holiday.

Last year, BPSD had a three-day spring break, and two of those days were Saturday and Sunday! The break was so short because the district is making up snow days and other cancellations throughout the year.

This year was no different. BPSD once again only one day off, not including the weekend.  This is not enough time to relax and spend time with your family.

I feel that districts should be forced to institute a longer break. One extra day is not enough time to reset and spend time with friends and family. I feel that the district should add days to the end of the year instead of taking away days from our spring break. Our winter break lasted a whole week this year, so why should the spring break be any different?

Many students had similar views.

Freshman Anna Counihan said, “We should have a longer spring break because one day off is not a break.”

“This is the part of the year where we’re burnt out. We need more time to clear our heads,” said freshman Danielle Reiland.

Freshman Juli Murphy said, “They should [institute a longer break] because students need a break at this time of the year to regroup.”

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