Opinion: I want my warm, spicy chicken back

Nick Guimond, Video Editor

For three years of my high school career here at BPHS, I have enjoyed the warm, spicy chicken in our cafeteria weekly. That is why when I learned of its absence from the cafeteria, I had to have my opinion heard.

Traditionally, I would get the warm chicken on my wraps at least once a week and would look forward to the spicy and savory taste. Granted, there still is the cold spicy chicken, but it doesn’t have the same effect on the taste buds as its warm counterpart.

This is an issue that obviously affects all the students at BPHS, but they can do nothing but remember the taste of their almost forgotten wrap-filling.

Senior George Tomko truly captivated it all by saying, “It truly breaks my heart when I can’t eat the food that I want and don’t have a say to get it back.”

Clearly, this is an issue affecting several students, other than myself at this school, and they feel powerless. It is food deprivation without representation. Without a say on their own food, how can students be expected to console the loss of this most crucial type of chicken? Simply put, they cannot. Now, students at BPHS will be deprived of the sweet taste of warm, spicy chicken and sadly, may never see it again.

What's up with the warm, spicy chicken in the caf?

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