What would your first choice be if you were in charge of BPHS?

Logan Wright, Staff Writer

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Did you ever think what you would do if one day you found yourself in charge of the whole school? Well, I went around and asked a few of my fellow classmates to see what they would do.

“I would change the cafeteria food to Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s and all the other good fast food restaurants,” said senior Makenzie Volpatti.

“I would start school at a later time but get out the same time that we already do, ” said senior Julie Mascaro

“I would want to have a two-hour delay at least once a week, ” said junior Parker Loera.

“I would like to improve the lunches and at least have a two-hour delay once a week,” said senior Luke Surunis.

What would be your first decision in charge? Leave a comment and let us know.