Student parking lot needs bigger, brighter numbers


Stephanie Kroll

MORNING DARKNESS in the Church Rd. student parking lot on a Thursday morning.

Stephanie Kroll, Managing Editor, Opinions Editor

It has been very dark in the mornings when I go to school, and it is hard to see the numbers on the Church Rd. parking spots. That is something I’d like to change.

Unless the car parked next to me is there, or I have my high-beams on, or it is light outside, I struggle to make out the number of the spot and end up pulling into the wrong space.

What would be nicer in the mornings are bigger and brighter numbers that take up more of the parking space or more working light poles.

Senior Sarah Pellis said: “They [the numbers] should be more noticeable. In the day you can see them, but in the mornings they’re pretty hard to see. Unless the car in front of me is there, or the car beside me is there, I have a hard time.”

Junior Sam Donaldson, who parks in the Church Rd. student parking lot, also said, “I can see the numbers but they could be bigger.”

Making them more visible would lead to a safer parking lot, too.

I say that because I have seen multiple cars pull into a spot they thought was theirs and irritably whip out of the parking space. This is a safety issue because that driver has the possibility of hitting students that are walking in the middle of the parking lot.

In conclusion, the parking lot is not very safe in the mornings. Student drivers are pulling in the wrong spots, students are walking in the middle of the parking lot, and nobody can make out the numbers.

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