Editorial: Student drivers take advantage of parking pass privileges

Stephanie Kroll, Managing Editor, Opinions Editor

Last school year, BPHS created a morning drop off procedure which allowed parents to drop off their students at the athletic entrance and Purkey Field, nowhere else. Yet people still attempted to drop off their children in the loop at the front of the school.

The only things that actually stopped them from doing that were construction cones and the crossing guard that was directing kids into the school.

So this year, BPHS went about this drop-off problem in a different, more effective way.

In an effort to totally eliminate the use of  Black Hawk Drive, they created a brand new drop off location at the YMCA, forcing parents away from the front of the school.

Other than that, the school even created two separate parking passes for the students to follow in order to lessen the congestion on either side of the school entrances, requiring students to exit the premises the same way they came onto it.

But that is not the way things have been playing out.

During the 6th period work release is when the problems occur.

And that means that students from the Broad Street student parking lot are not obeying the rules they agreed to follow when they got their parking passes.

Every day, students from that side of the school are leaving the school property the wrong way, which is out Church Rd.

Other than leaving the wrong way, they are blowing off stop signs, the speed limit, and cutting people off.

And it is unacceptable.

Regardless of who you are, you should always follow the rules, especially if it puts others in harm’s way.

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