EpiPen prices are a ripoff, buy the “off-brand”


Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

If a person has life threatening allergies and has severe allergic reactions, his or her doctor may prescribe them an EpiPen. Which is a popular brand name “pen” that holds one single shot of Epinephrine that is used to decrease swelling, relax muscles around the airway, causing the lungs to open up. And prevent the release of more allergic chemicals, which stops the progression of the allergic response.

Now, if you or someone you know has horrific allergic reactions, you may be saying that this small pen sounds like a life saver, which it literally is.

But in 2016, it turned into a bank breaker for most families.

The drug company Mylan threw a whopping $600 price tag on an EpiPen 2-pak in 2016. (Even though back in 2008, they only charged $1oo for the same exact thing!)

Then, the company later made the statement that they would be releasing generic EpiPens, comprised of the same drug and drug functionality, for just $300 for a pack of two.

Which is just as astonishing to think because the company does not even create the drug themselves!

They buy the EpiPen for just $34.50 per pen from a Pfizer subsidiary.

Now, I do understand that the industry has to pay said amount of money to the packaging companies and retailers and such but, holy smokes.

I’d much rather go to CVS, a drugstore competitor, that offers just $109.99 for a two pack of another form of EpiPen called, Adrenaclick!  Then blow my bank on a more well known brand.

But this is just the way it is.

Companies need your money and I believe that they could care less if they are ripping you off.

Sure they may lose some business because this is just a stupidly ridiculous price to pay, but there will always be “those ” people that trust the brand because it’s what they’ve bought in years past and is proven to work and it’s something they trust.

But at the end of the day, all industries, such as those listed above, really want is your money and your business, nothing less.

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