Search engines putting ad revenue to good use

Search engines putting ad revenue to good use

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

In this day and age, not destroying wildlife for “human benefit” seems hard to come by.

But there’s a fairly old app and search engine called Ecosia that is trying to keep up with climate change and keep up with the on-growing societal pressures put on the environment.

Their plan is to reduce erosion, slow wind speeds, neutralize CO2 levels, and even restart water cycles all around the world tree by tree with the help of internet users.

And this is how Ecosia actually works:

An internet user downloads or installs the Ecosia app, uses it as one would use Safari or Google Chrome, browses around, clicks on some ads, and boom. You’ve just made that program some cash.

And normally the proceeds would go towards creating more ads and more pop ups. But in this case, the money from those ads is transformed into money for planting trees.

Ecosia is said to use at least 80% of its monthly profits to increase reforestation in places such as Burkina Faso, Peru, Brazil, Madagascar, Indonesia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and some other countries.

But this app isn’t the only one that is trying to do good with its profits.

Websites like BeneLab, GoodSearch, Search Kindly, Sleedo, EcoKey, and Everyclick are also great websites anyone can choose from in order to help the world.

So do yourself and your fellow human beings a favor by introducing and talking about these websites.

Browse the world wide web with the mindset of supporting the world outside of your screens.

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