I say “no” to the Green Light Go Program

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

Recently, a brand new red light system was installed at the intersection down from Bethel Bakery on South Park and Brightwood Road with the help of the Green Light Go Program.

And that organization is comprised of a collection of state funds meant for the maintenance and funding of red lights and traffic signals all around.

Now, I would be satisfied with this new red light installment if the municipality could have used the money to fix what needed to be fixed.

And what needed to be fixed wasn’t the automatic timer, sensor, or even age of the light, but the absence of a much needed turn arrow.

The reason I say that is because the main source of the delay in this area is caused by people wanting to turn left onto Brightwood Road, but not being able to do so because of the large amount of oncoming traffic and lack of a chance to turn.

And without the turn arrow, it tends to create a line of traffic on the railroad tracks and even farther up on South Park Road.

Which is unacceptable and quite bothersome for people in and around Bethel Park because this intersection takes on loads of traffic every day.

And most unsettling of all is the fact that the program that funded this change includes money to create new signals, LED pedestrian crosswalk signals, pavement markings, and really any other form of red light maintenance you could think of.

All in order to make the area a better and a more improved community.

But this enhancement was a total misunderstanding.

So, while the lights may look good, they are another example of how a problem got overlooked.

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