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Why summer reading is important

Junior Haley Radcliffe is all smiles as she delves into her summer reading.

Junior Haley Radcliffe is all smiles as she delves into her summer reading.

Junior Haley Radcliffe is all smiles as she delves into her summer reading.

Tessa Helfer, Assistant Editor

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Even though school might be out and summer’s here, that doesn’t mean your learning has to be stopped! Studies show that young people who read during the summer are more likely to develop higher reading comprehension skills as well as expand their wide-range knowledge.

Throughout the year, students can be discouraged by the heavy loads of uninteresting readings which are assigned to them; however, summer is the time where you get to read whatever you please. Whether it be horror, comedy, romance, mystery, adventure, or even history, your vocabulary and reading skills are continuously being strengthened.

Books have so much to offer to us. They are filled with wonderful stories that allow your brain to escape the busy world for a second and get lost in the magic. Reading can be fun once you find what type of material you personally enjoy and explore the world of books.

Reading in the summer is also beneficial because it keeps your mind moving while strengthening your reading comprehension; therefore, when one returns to school in the fall, their brain is ready to face all the challenging reading material which is about to come their way.

Don’t be discouraged by reading harder material as you go from the teen book section to the more advanced, adult sections. Don’t set yourself short and throw your books under your bed or stuff them in your closet, keep them out! Try reading a section every day and increase the amount a little more each day. Talk to one of your local librarians or do research on what genre of books are most interesting to you.

Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to pick up a book or two along the way!

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Why summer reading is important