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Students are encouraged to take Journalism

Juniors Haley Radcliffe and Kayla Dell give thumbs up for Journalism class.

Juniors Haley Radcliffe and Kayla Dell give thumbs up for Journalism class.

Juniors Haley Radcliffe and Kayla Dell give thumbs up for Journalism class.

Tessa Helfer, Staff Writer

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With the 2017 school year coming to an end, students are over this year’s classes and are ready to start something new, something fresh. Students have already picked their classes for next year; however, is Journalism one of them?

Despite having your courses selected, it is not too late to change, drop, or add classes until the 10th day of the new school year.

Due to the many intriguing electives BPHS has to offer, the choices are endless. With anything from cooking to bettering your dodgeball skills, there are so many different electives to enjoy and experience.

Personally, I think the elective that is most beneficial to students, especially those who take an interest in reading, writing, communicating, and constant hands-on learning, is Journalism.

The Journalism class allows you to be creative and develop your own style for writing and media while meeting new faces around the school. The course is very hands on as you are constantly brainstorming ideas, writing stories, preparing for interviews, and/or taking pictures to go alone with your typed articles.

This elective is perfect for people who always want to better their personal skills as well as communication skills. The Journalism course forces one to have great communication skills as they are running around the school hosting interviews with students, teachers, and staff both on camera and paper-and-pen style.

“Mr. Allemang’s Journalism class taught me how to put myself out there,” junior Mikayla Haglund said.

The Journalism teacher himself, Mr. Allemang, said, “Journalism is extremely important in our society because the people need to know what is going on in the world. Journalists are the ones responsible for delivering the story to the people successfully and truthfully. WE NEED GREAT JOURNALISTS!”

Our school’s newspaper, Hawk Eye, is fully student-run and responsible for delivering and producing top stories about what’s going on in the world and more importantly in our BPHS community.

Do you think you got what it takes to be a high school journalist? Put yourself to the test and mark Course #77 on your schedule and join the team!

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Students are encouraged to take Journalism